Big Glass Kit Order Information
Now offering the Big Glass Kit for '53 to '56 F100! (see article below)
Take a look at these before and after photos!

1953 - 1955

1953 - 1955

OPTION 1:   $549.00 
OPTION 2:   $899.00
OPTION 3:   $1149.00
 • Metal Cab Section  • Metal Cab Section  • Metal Cab Section
   – Inside and outside       panels fully assembled    – Inside and outside       panels fully assembled    – Inside and outside       panels fully assembled
   • Glass (stock tint    [blue/green] or gray)  • Glass (stock tint    [blue/green] or gray)
   • Rubber trim (no groove)  • Rubber trim (with groove     for chrome)
     • Chrome trim
 • shipping - $110.00  • shipping is $170.00  • shipping is $170.00

Here is a testimony article from Tim Bowman
All photographs and article were taken and written by Tim Bowman.
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Installation of a Big Back Window Panel Kit
    "In the early spring of 2001, I learned that Mike Chesser in Georgia would be offering a big back window kit for 53-56 F-100's. Just before the 2001 F100 Supernationals, I ordered a kit and it arrived while i was at the show. Following Mike's instructions and a visual inspection of the kit at the show, I gained further confidence about my ability to install it. Below are the photographs of the before and after."

"Here's the cab before I started. You can see that I had a great rear window to start with. It ended up in pieces."

"Here's the rear panel cut out of the cab. The important things to note are: it's painful to make the first cut with the air chisel, be patient and take your time, measure twice before cutting. There are about 50 spot welds to cut along the top seam and on the doorposts."

"The opening with the small rear window removed. It's starting to look like the end result. Note that the rear door posts are left in place to keep the cab integrity."
"The new big window patch panel resting in the opening. "All" that needs to be done is to treat the rust on the seam, do some final fitting, and then weld it in."

"Here's the panel "clecoed" in place prior to welding."

"This is a close up of the clecos. On the inside of the cab is an aluminum angle iron with holes spaced for the clecos. On the outside in a vertical position are short pieces of aluminum angle to hold the two panels in alignment."

"Here's the driver's side with clamps and clecos. The technique to imitate the factory spot welds is to drill a 1/4" hole in the outer panel and weld it and grind it down."
"Here's the passenger side of the cab."

"All of the preliminary work above was completed in 3 hours. The fit of the panel is very nice. While Mike's instructions call for a lap joint; but I prefer to weld a butt joint so that I can more easily metal finish it."

"For information about the kit, contact Mike Chesser at 608 Braselton Hwy, Lawrenceville, GA 30043. His telephone number is 770-963-4571. I've found him to be a good person to deal with."
- Tim Bowman [end article]
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